Our client is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Belgium with a turnover of > 160 million euros. They export to > 50 countries.


The initial question of the assignment was to professionalize and strengthen the strategic competencies and strategic working methods of the international sales managers.

After an audit of the total sales organization, the focus was also placed on segmentation, strategic partnerships with customers, customized value propositions and common growth paths.

Business development, strategic partnerships, segmentation, value propositions, customer intimacy, marketing & sales alignment, sales enablement

the challenge

  • The company is an innovative player in the fairly conservative world of residential carpet

  • The company is internationally active

  • The most important sales channel is through the large retail chains and interior design stores

  • The company has a very creative and marketing-driven approach and is also well known for its high-quality product videos

  • Carpet business, however, is a rapidly shrinking market.

  • Prices, margins and sales are under heavy pressure. Competition is hard.

  • How to remain profitable and even grow in a difficult market?, is the key question

How we helped

  • We have individual in-depth interviews with the management, within the sales organisation and marketing

  • We analyze the sales results of the past years to the level of the customer and, where available, the figures on the market evolution

  • We organize strategic brainstorming sessions with the management to make the transfer from the analysis results to a renewed sales/growth strategy

  • We help with the new customer segmentation

  • Together with the sales director and his team of area sales managers we develop, test and start a methodical approach, to conclude strategic partnerships with selected customers with the common goal: to grow in a shrinking and competitive market.


  • New customer segmentation, in terms of growth potential

  • First letters of intent for a more intensive cooperation (partnership) with important customers were agreed.

  • This also includes agreements on knowledge and expertise sharing, customized products and brands, support for sales and marketing, product development and innovation, training

  • New, holistic sales methodology, aimed at holistic long-term cooperation instead of direct product volume sales

  • Useful and practical strategy and segmentation canvasses

  • Executive coaching and support during the change process