Our client is a medium-sized French pharma multinational with some products that belong to the top in their product category. We have cooperated with the Belgian sales organization.


The project has been introduced by the general manager. We have supported the organization with a business development and comercial effectiveness project

the challenge

  • The company has a limited number of products

  • The company is still waiting for new international product launches and other product launches are fairly unsuccessful

  • In the meantime, it is very dependent on the sale of one top product

  • However, the company is losing marketshare and revenue for this product, due to new competitors

  • There is a problem with parallel import (cheaper)

  • Many sales differences between the geographic sectors (sales areas)

How we helped

  • We analyze the total sales organisation and current marketing initiatives

  • We connect these sales and marketing actions to the results

  • We make special analyzes for the recent product launch of one of the other products

  • We develop and test new value propositions together with marketing

  • We develop and implement new sales processes for the various sales channels and target groups

  • We guide sales people in the field

  • We develop an online sales coaching tool to benchmark and evolve quickly in the learning curve


  • Significant increase in relevant market, competition and customer information

  • Positive sales evolution during the pilot period in certain regions and for some account managers

  • Stabilization of market share for the top product

  • Improved cross selling

  • Successfully implemented coaching approach

  • Increased sales coaching frequency and focus

  • Service agreements with pharmacists

  • Reorganization of the sales areas