Our client is a small, local but very successful recruitment and selection agency for higher profiles. The agency is a well-known player in the market and has been active for more than 15 years.


After following one of our inspiration sessions on business model innovation, the owners decided to start a business model innovation process for their company. The advisory process is subsidized with the SME portfolio

Business development, business model innovation

the challenge

  • The company is very profitable and has continuous revenue growth

  • They are all people with a lot of business experience who can therefore think strategically with the customer

  • Customer needs in the field of talent development and organizational development are changing at lightning speed. This agency therefore wants to re-source itself to respond optimally to new needs and digital trends

How we helped

  • We have individual in-depth interviews with the agency owners and partners

  • We organize an 'as-is-situation' day to inventory and align the current business model, the most important challenges and trends

  • We develop and organize problem-interviews with the end customers

  • We facilitate an ideation event with external stakeholders to collect a maximum number of new ideas

  • After a thorough selection, the remaining ideas are written in detail and integrated into new business model descriptions

  • These new business model concepts are being tested with customers and stakeholders

  • Finally, after the last adjustments and approval, the business model is converted into a concrete action plan


  • The current business model was successfully aligned and the most important challenges were identified and discussed.

  • The bottlenecks and levers for change were made transparent and mapped

  • More than 40 new ideas were collected and eventually clustered to a dozen clusters

  • New value propositions and a new business model were developed

  • The new business model is being tested

  • Implications to the revenue model and the current organizational form (jobs, roles, responsibilities and tasks) are being investigated further

  • People were individually supported through personal coaching