Go-to-market challenges

A maximum development of commercial potential in a customer-driven and omni-channel economy.

Commercial potential remains often untapped. A lack of effectiveness in sales and marketing approach is one of the main causes of falling sales figures and declining growth power.

The first major challenge is the discovery and development of intrinsically present, commercial potential in sales and marketing approaches. The second major challenge is the elimination of significant differences in methods and results between top executives and top managers, and the rest of the organization. The need for a better alignment of activities and responsibilities between the marketing, sales and other departments, is the third major challenge.

Go-to-Market - solutions

What are the best solutions for the Go-to-Market challenges?

Improving the Go-to-Market approach needs to be done in three phases. A thorough analysis of the entire commercial ecosystem is the basis for the next two steps: "without a diagnosis, no prescription”. In a second phase will be examined how the commercial strategy can be enhanced and additional commercial value can be created. In phase three, the focus is on how the organization will be prepared for the future.


About the author

Chris Delvaux - Go-to-Market optimization

Chris Delvaux has over 15 experience as a senior consultant. He is specialized in go-to-market optimization, business model innovation and service design. He facilitates and coaches teams in commercial transformation projects from the analysis to the result. He works strategically AND pragmatically. He has worked for clients such as Baxter, Nashuatec (Ricoh), DVV Insurance, Associated Weavers, Stihl Benelux