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Business model innovation has additional innovation potential compared to process, product or technology innovation. Many of the big successes like Amazon, Apple, Holcim, Ebay, Ryanair or Ikea, are rather based on innovative business models than on new products. Through business model innovation, you can get more value out of your business. The number of business model innovations has increased significantly over the last 20 years (source: ITEM-HSG). More than 50% of executives believes that their business model will undergo fundamental changes in the next ten years (source: McKinsey, 2011)

Thrust helps to innovate through the Business Model Navigator TM

The Business Model Navigator (BMI-Lab / St. Gallen) is an action-oriented methodology that permits any company to break with its dominant industry logic and innovate its business model. It builds on the central idea that successful business models can be constructed through creative imitation and recombination. (Source: Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger and Michaela Csik 2014). 90% of all new business models aren't actually new. They are based on 55 existing patterns. (source: Oliver Gassmann, 2014). These 55 patterns can boost the innovation of your business. It will help you in a creative way to  figure out where your business fits in, and which creative imitation and recombination is the most valuable for your business.

Thrust helps with innovation through the Business Model Navigator. We help our clients to analyze the current business model and ecosystem, in facilitating innovation workshops to develop new ideas through the 55 patterns applied to its own business, and/or in the phase of testing and implementation (change management). Or we we guide and facilitate the entire innovation process if desired.

The Business Model Navigator methodology

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