High performing and high energy teams bring more business value in your organisation and for customers.

The improvement of the composition and performance of teams, is increasingly to become a priority in successful companies. In organizations of the future, teams and individual employees get new roles and more responsibilities but also get more (decision) power. Individual employees must also and above all be able to work closely with colleagues in various projects and activities.

The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile helps to better understand personal performance and team performance. It is a tool for managing and leading teams.

At Thrust we are certified and trained by TMSDI in using the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile, Team Performance Profile, the Linking Skills Profile and the Opportunity Orientation Profile.

In the initial phase of a THRUST- team coaching program, it helps our customer by providing insights into the current team performances and individual performances. Therefore, we first ask all members of the team to fill in an online questionnaire. The procedure and login they get from Thrust. The results are discussed with the team in the initial phase. These profiles and discussions are an important part in the start of an intensive team optimization process.

For more information about the Margerison McCann Profiles, download here the  ‘Team Management Profile at a glance’. 

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