How a mix of innovative marketing and real partnerships ensure success in a traditional industry.

Associated weavers, is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. It was a company in need in 2008 in a classic, declining market.

A blend of innovative marketing and the real ambition to work in partnership with selected customers, has made this company great again. They take partnership seriously!

To make their customers better (make them sell better), they support them with all AW - expertise that they have. What they do, they do to make the customer better. They not only develop top products and brands, but they also create marketing and sales tools, and they provide training and coaching for the sales force of their customers. They convert customer intimacy to reality. But... they are selective. They choose for customers who are willing to grow together.

However, Associated Weavers (AW) is also well aware that the development and production of high quality carpet products is still their core business. Therefore, they have a strong R & D (product development) department. The development of top products that perfectly meets the market demand stays a priority. 

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