Feed-back or feed-forward?

What are the advantages of feed-forward vs. feed-back?

Feed-back is always about the past and costs therefore too much time. 65% of that time, we spend on debating with others to show how smart we are and to convince others about our great ideas. We don't even listen or thank people for their great ideas. Finally, you can't change the past!

Feed-forward is a better way to coach for behavioral change. It is about helping each other instead of judging each other.

Characteristic for feed-forward:

  1. You have to ASK FOR INPUT/IDEAS which can help you
  2. You learn to LISTEN, and not to go into a defensive position
  3. You learn to treat every idea as A GIFT
  4. You learn to say THANK YOU for the gift
  5. You give people RECOGNITION for what they say
  6. You learn NOT TO JUDGE OR CRITICIZE ideas
  7. It is FAST
  8. It is focused on WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE

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